Trailer Safety Systems

The Northern Trailer company introduces the Trailer Safety System which gives you an integrated protected access walkway which can be deployed in less than 5 minutes.

You can't afford to ignore safety relating to working at height.

Drivers climbing directly on to trailer decks during either loading or unloading without an effective edge protection system could contravene the HSE WORKING AT HEIGHT REG 2005

The NTC Pathfinder is a patented trailer safety system, which deployed in approximately 5 minutes provides your workforce with a safe, level and effective edge protection walkway system for flatbed trailers and rigid vehicles.

Our unique safety system provides users with a practical, effective and time efficient solution to everyday loading and unloading without the need to reduce load size.

The NTC Pathfinder is a deployable system fitted to the trailer, meaning there is no need for additional access equipment, meaning loads can be delivered to various sites including ones with restricted access.

Unlike other safety systems on the market such as soft landing bags, clamping or fall arrest systems, as the NTC Pathfinder is a fitted system this means there is no need to transport parts for assembly, eliminating the risk of key parts being lost or misplaced.

Side rails also drop down providing access for fork lift loading and unloading, another unique feature that makes the NTC Pathfinder ideal for all your transportation needs.

Product Benefits:

  • Additional Walkway - No Need to Reduce Load Space
  • Safe Distance and Level with Flatbed for Easy Access
  • Eliminate the Risk of Falling All Together - Fall Protection Rather than Fall Arrest
  • Easy Assembly - No Requirement for Additional Tools e.g. Hammers, Clamps
  • No Need to Transport Parts Such as Bean Bags Clamping and Fall Arrest Systems
  • Time Effective with 1 Man Set Up Taking 5 Minutes Versus Other 20-30 Minute Systems
  • Installed for Lifetime of Vehicle
  • Allows Access to Any Site with No Requirements for Access Ramps
  • Customised to Any Flatbed and Choice of Colours
  • Responsibility Owned By You Rather Than Your Customer